Dee demonstrates the art of
SUMI-E brush painting.


Dee was recently interviewed on the Owatonna Today Show. You can watch the video here…

Dee was featured on KSMQ’s Off 90 Show. You can watch the video here…


My paintings are an expression of my feelings, my experience, my chi/energy, and some magic.

Using the sumi brush, rice paper, ink and watercolors I can express my spirit. With these tools I try to capture “The Breath of Life.”

I feel a kinship with the painters, poets and calligraphers of Asia’s rich cultural past.

Presently, I am developing pieces incorporating the culture, materials, and tools of both the East and the West. The horse is my primary focus and is the ideal subject for expressing motion.

Calligraphy also brings me joy and a sense of freedom. In the East Asian culture, Painting and Calligraphy have equal artistic and spiritual importance.

My wish is that the viewer becomes part of the experience and will feel the spirit of my running brush as she/he responds to the Chi/Energy in my brush stroke.

I run with my brush
Fast like the horse running home
The ink leaves my tracks